Homespun Homeschool Week #33

Week 33 of Homeschool: Field won Memory-Master, Zoom-style (!), we made entries in our Covid-19 Time Capsule journal, added dimes and pennies and pretended to buy items at stores, read in The Boyhood of Ranald Bannerman, wrote our own fixed-fairy-tale, found a snail and a ladybug who became friends, read The Gettysburg Address out-loud (Field), finished lesson #89 in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (Francis!), started writing a Covid-19 Constitution, made chocolate-covered bananas, read the Declaration of Independence out-loud, and had our own end of the year Classical Conversations party, including a slip and slide, a marshmallow catapult launching competition, a water ballon fight, and an egg drop contest!

Homespun Homeschool Week #32

Week 32 of Homeschool: We finished reading The Phantom Tollbooth and drew the cover, baked carrot cake cookies, wrote acrostic poetry in honor of poetry month, gave our final paper presentation in full-costume for “Arthur: King of Superb Traits,” memorized the Presidents of the United States, painted our memories of Arnold, California, learned the Identity Law for math, made a toaster and a fridge from online lego tutorials, diagrammed sentences, read in George MacDonald’s “The Boyhood of Ranald Bannerman,” learned the geography of Southern Africa, made Cardamom Cinnamon Rolls for Dad’s Birthday, learned about Nelson Mandela becoming South Africa’s first black president, reviewed Latin, and went to see our cousins, because we couldn’t stand not seeing them, but we stayed 6 feet apart!

Homespun Homeschool Week #31

Week 31 of Homeschool: We wrote letters to ourselves (so we can remember what sheltering in place was like), practiced writing with ink and a quill pen, built an outdoor fort, met up with CC friends on Zoom, learned about the Gulf War, made catapults and launched marshmallows, practiced shading techniques, looked at adjectives, wrote a movie review of Wreck-It Ralph, made a tiny Easter basket out of string, learned some ways that heat flows, painted with watercolor, looked at the parts of an orchestra, created an original recipe for “Egg Roll Bars,” looked at the distributive law for math, made Easter sugar cookies, read about Shakespeare and listened to sonnets, gave presentations for CC and posted them online, attempted to classify items we collected on a neighborhood walk, studied Latin, made resurrection rolls and painted Easter eggs!

Homespun Homeschool Week #30

Week 30 of Homeschool: We made a Spanish Galleon ship and learned about Spain, performed reflection experiments, learned the commutative laws for math, made a projector, looked at some characteristics of light, took walks and collected specimens from our neighborhood, used pattern blocks to learn math concepts, made a Spanish Cubist sculpture, looked at the geography of Oceania, worked on our end of the year paper about the legendary King Arthur, listened to Dvorak’s Serenade for Strings and discussed, looked at coordinating conjunctions, harvested our first 2 crystals and examined pieces under the microscope, reviewed Latin Pluperfect endings, performed an experiment to measure how color attracts heat, learned about the fall of communism, spun colors really fast to make white, learned about fiber optics, and made our own CC Timeline Card and posted it on Facebook where it got over 750 likes!


Homespun Homeschool Week #29

Week 29 of Homeschool: We built a tower 10 feet high, learned the Associative Law for addition and multiplication, wrote a story about the Wild Kratts and Coronavirus, learned about the end of the Cold War, made Blues-berry Crumb Bars, learned about China and made an artist’s Signature Chop, started growing crystals, practiced our odd and even numbers, had a Zoom meet up with our CC community, listened to Brahms and discussed, learned the geography of Central America, hung out with our cousins on FaceTime, looked at Latin pluperfect tense endings, made stone soup, learned the definition of a conjunction, made a finger puppet theatre, learned the third law of thermodynamics, and took walks in our neighborhood!